I’m kicking off the week with an exciting announcement! One week ago from today Dan and I adopted a puppy! We’ve talked about getting a new dog for a few years but the timing never seemed right. At the beginning of the year Dan decided that we should start looking, but he was more specific than I was in what he wanted. We knew we wanted to adopt, mainly because it is way cheaper than going to a breeder (just being honest here!), we wanted a lab and he wanted a boy. 

adopt don't shop

Quick side note about the boy aspect. A few years ago one of my family friends dog’s had puppies. Three of them survived and I named them respectively Serena, Blair, and Chuck Bass (from Gossip Girl if you have no idea what that means). He really liked the name Bass (because Dan is a big fisherman) so he mainly wanted a boy for that reason.

jonah's ark animal rescue

Anyway, back to Jetty’s story. We looked for a few weeks before Dan found a cute litter from a rescue called Jonah’s Ark Animal Rescue. The litter was named “Lily’s pups” which we thought was perfect because my family’s dog name is Lily and she and Dan adore one another. The puppies were a lab mix and were black and brown, just what we were looking for. Dan contacted the rescue and filled out the paperwork. Unfortunately there was a mix up with the rescue and the litter we were looking at was already claimed. The woman reached out to Dan and told him that another rescue in Arkansas had received two female lab/golden retriever puppies and that we would get first pick if we wanted one. After she sent us the pictures and we slept on it and decided that were going to adopt one of those puppies. 


The names that were given to them were Knottie and Tottie, and it felt a little like fate because Dan’s last name is Knott. Dan and I went back and forth on names for our girl but we compromised and finally settled on the name Jetty (Dan’s pick). Dan really wanted her to be named something with the ocean since he is a huge fisherman and I love the beach. I wasn’t thrilled with the name at first but its since grown on me and it’s way better than the first name that came to his mind (Flounder).


After what felt like the longest three weeks, the rescue contacted us and told us that we could pick her up at the foster in New Jersey on March 20th.  When we walked into the foster’s house we were greeted by two very energetic and friendly pups. She and her sister came right up to us and were so excited. After going over some final paperwork she was ours!


The first week with her has been so much fun. We are extremely lucky in the fact that she has adjusted very well and has slept through the night every night since she’s been with us. Our first day with her she had a few accidents but has been great ever since and has only had one or two since that first night. She loves to play, give kisses and cuddle. She’s also been getting along great with both of our family’s dogs. I may be a little biased but she is just the sweetest thing and she makes my heart so happy.

Jetty_5(She loves my goats. When we take her out she goes immediately to their pen and will just sit there and watch them)






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