DIY Pom Pom and Tassel Tote

DIY Pom Pom and Tassel Tote

If you haven’t noticed, pom poms and tassels are EVERYWHERE. Every time I go on Instagram or Pinterest I see another straw bag decked out in pom poms, tassels or both! They are all unique and different, but they can be super expensive (many are over $100!). I figured I could make one that I liked but at a way lower cost. This project was super easy and only took me about an hour to complete. The best part… it only cost me $35! 

DIY pom pom tote

The hardest part about this project was finding the right straw bag. After searching, I found this one from Forever21, which was exactly what I was looking for. Target also has a really good collection of straw bags as well (I like this one, this one, and this one). Next, I researched the best way to add the pom poms and tassels to the bag. E6000 glue seemed to be the answer, so I went to Michael’s and picked up the glue and pom poms. The tassels were a bit of a challenge for me to find. I went to every craft store in my area (Michael’s, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, and Joann’s) and could not find any. Finally, just when I was about to buy some that I didn’t really like off of Amazon, the Target Does it Again Instagram page posted tassels in the dollar section. I immediately drove to Target and purchased the tassels (they were only $1 for a pack of two!).

DIY Tote

DIY summer tote

Now that I had all of my materials (and you know exactly where to go to get yours!) I set down my straw bag and laid out my pom poms and tassels exactly how I wanted them. Once that was done, I started gluing. I applied the glue directly to the pom poms and held them for about one minute to make sure they stuck. To ensure that the tassels were also stuck on there, I applied the glue to the tassels and then stuck the pom pom over top of it. Repeat until all of the pom poms and tassels are firmly glued, and then voila, you’re done! How easy was that?!

DIY Pom Pom tote

What you need: 
A straw tote
-E6000 glue
-Pom poms

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