2017: A Year in Review

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I wasn’t going to post this but I love reading these sorts of things so I thought, why not? I started off strong with blogging in 2017, but definitely fizzled out at the end of the year. It wasn’t lack of motivation, just lack of time. I make chocolate so obviously the holiday’s are a very busy time. From mid-November to December 23rd I was working from 9-5 and then coming home and making chocolate until 11pm. It also consumed my weekends so I haven’t had any sort of social life in ages. It’s a lot of work and I love it, but it’s extremely time consuming so blogging (working out, life in general) went on the back burner. I managed to publish 60 posts in 2017, and definitely want/need to up that number greatly in 2018. Below are my top 10 posts from 2017:  

#10. Winter Athletic Wear. I’m glad to see this post in the top 10 because I love Old Navy. My sister’s friend is the one who got me into their workout clothes and they’ve held up all year. Highly recommend!

#9. Jetty. Adopting Jetty was one of my best moments in 2017. I wanted a dog of my own for so long and I was so excited when we got her! She has so much energy and can be a little crazy at times, but she is so much fun and is the best snuggler. I can’t wait to share more Jetty updates this year!

#8. Stepping into Spring. I love this outfit. The sneakers are one of my go-to’s, as well as the jeans, and the top is something I wore all spring and summer long!

#7. February Beauty Review. I found it interesting that this specific beauty review ranked in the top ten – I really think SEO came into play here. The face oil that I featured in this post is still one of my favorite beauty products (especially for winter) and I have a full post coming out on it soon!

#6. My Dream Beach House. This is one of two really old posts that made the top ten this uear. I published it in June 2015(!) so I think SEO has some role in why this post is still viewed so much.

#5. Sandals for Summer. I’m obsessed with sandals and I did a lot of work on this post, so I’m happy that it rounded out at number 5!

#4. How to Wear Rose Gold Sneakers. I can’t say I’m surprised to see this post on the list. Rose gold was extremely “in” at the beginning of last year and it’s still “in” now. These sneakers were so popular when they came out (I was lucky to grab a pair) and there are so many rose gold sneakers out now!

#3. Sam Edelman Tassel Loafers. I see a pattern here. My posts that focused on shoes were very popular this year. I love these shoes and wear them all the time. They really are the best and I highly recommend if you are in the market for black loafers (Sam Edelman has a great selection of loafers in general).

#2. Cozy Living Rooms. This post is extremely old (one of the first I ever published) and is definitely cringe-worthy so I’m really surprised to see that it was my second most popular post of 2017. Dan and I are going to start the process of buying a home later this year, so I’m really excited to start incorporating home decor/improvement content on here!

#1. DIY Pom Pom and Tassel Tote. I’m so happy that is post was my most popular of the year. I worked really, really hard on SEO for this and it clearly paid off. This bag was such a fun, affordable DIY project and I’m glad that so many others liked it too. I like to think that I’m a pretty crafty person so hopefully I can incorporate a few more DIY projects this year!

Now on to 2018! This is going to be such an exciting year for me and I’m going to document as much of it as possible! I want to get back into the groove of Wedding Wednesday, share more health and wellness content, and continue posting about beauty and fashion. I’m going to share my goals for 2018 in a seperate post, but it feels appropriate to share my blogging goals for 2018 here.

  1. Post at least three times a week. I think part of the reason for my inconsistency with blogging is because I set the bar way too high for myself. I work 9-5 and it’s hard to post quality blog content five times a week (kuddos if you do it!). My goal is to post three quality posts per week and take it from there.
  2. Instagram/General Photography. Ugh instagram is definitely a beast for bloggers, but the algorithm isn’t my issue like it is for most.  I take so many photos and just never post them (oops!). When I take them I’m either with friends or family and can’t really take the time that’s needed to go through the photos and edit them. Therefore I have a backlog of beautiful photos on my phone (and camera!) that I’ve never posted. My goal is to set aside some time each week and edit photos for instagram so that I can post consistently and continue to grow my following. In regards to general photography, I want to get better with my camera and go more in-depth with Lightroom and really learn how to use it.
  3. Continue to improve on SEO. I paid more attention this year to SEO than ever before and I can tell from my top 10 above that it paid off. I know that things are constantly changing with SEO so I want to keep up with it and gain even more knowledge.

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